Let's Catch Cybercriminals

Cybercrime is a growing problem worldwide, costs the global economy $400 billion annually. Tri C Tech is working around the clock developing software's that can catch cybercriminals before they do any more damage.

Our Domains

Computer Forensics

Developed Forensics and Data Recovery Solutions, that can analyse and process the data according to forensics investigation.

Mobile Forensics

Desktop based android phone forensics solution is developed that can extract, analyse, and present the android phone forensics analysis in the court of law.

Social Media Forensics

SaaS based analyser, that can access major social media sites, extracts data, perform artificial based analysis, and presents comprehensive graphical reports.

Our Partners

Air University
Higher Education Commission

About Us

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We are startup forensics company, came into been in 2022. We started our journey as National Cybercrime Forensics Lab, that was one of the National Centre for Cyber Security lab. As part of NCCS, we worked in the digital forensics investigation domain, where we developed products in computer, mobile, and social media domains.

Air University, E-9, Islamabad 44000



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